Friday, January 5, 2018

"Life In Christ" Retreat Series

Q. Who are these retreats for?

Laity, clergy, all Episcopalians, and even those non-Episcopalians who are curious about the Christian spiritual life.

Q. What happens there?

In Richardton, we worship communally with the monks and one another; learn; enjoy good food, conversation, and stunning prairie scenery; discuss theological themes after viewing a movie; and rest. These weekends are designed to help us grow in our Life in Christ. Some come for only one night, while others stay for two.

Q. What is the 2018 spring semester schedule?
+    “Life in Christ: Leadership, Discipleship, and Mission,” January 19-21 at Assumption Abbey in Richardton, led by Bishop George Sumner of the Diocese of Dallas and former dean of Wycliffe Seminary in Toronto. Register here

 +    “Life in Christ: Renewal (A Pre-Lenten Retreat)” February 3 from 10:30am-32:00pm at Gethsemane Cathedral in Fargo, led by Father Matthew Cobb of the Episcopal House of Prayer in Collegeville, MN.  Cost is $20, lunch included.  Register here.

 +    “Life in Christ: Sharing the Good News,” February 23-25 at Assumption Abbey in
       Richardton, led  by Canon Carrie Boren Headington of the Diocese of Dallas.
       Register here.

 +    “Life in Christ: Racial Reconciliation,” April 13-15 at Assumption Abbey in Richardton, led by Lelanda Lee of the Diocese of Colorado. Register here.

 +    “Life in Christ: Encountering the Divine in our Human Families,” May 4-6 at Assumption Abbey in Richardton, led by Bishop Carol Gallagher of the Diocese of Montana and Missioner of the Bishops’ Native Collaborative. Register here.

Q. What is the cost of the retreat?
At the Abbey in Richardton, the cost for lodging and meals is $80 for the weekend and $40 for one day. However, scholarships are available, and finances should keep no one away.

Q. How do I register?
Click on the links above or visit the diocesan calendar at  and click on the scheduled dates to register.

Q. What if I have more questions?

Contact Michael at  or 218.849. 8417.